Barrels lifter and dumper HUB-3B

LIFTING, TRANSPORT, UNLOADING bakery, and pastry containers.

No more lifting heavy barrels! The lifter with a system of automatically opening and closing arms for different kinds of barrels. Hub3B is used not only in the food industry but also in many others like chemicals, mining, storing, and many more where barrels are used.

You know well how hard it can be to work while transporting heavy barrels. Lifting affect work performance, and it often may consequently lead to injuries and medical leaves. Now, it is difficult to find employees and keep them employed. It is the owner’s responsibility to improve working conditions. A healthy and satisfied team of your employees is the key to keep performance always on a high level.

Excellent solution for easier and faster operation when barrels need to be lifted and recharged to the intermediate hopper of another dosing / portioning machine, like for example, Multidrop.

With a modern solution which is the battery-charged automatic lifter trolley, barrels are effortlessly collected from point A to point B and turned into the front to empty. HUB-3B operates fully independently and is powered by modern gel batteries for a long lifetime. The battery indicator on the control panel keeps the user informed about the remaining power. When you finish your work, connect HUB-3B to the power supply source of 230V to charge it automatically. As an option there can be a changeable battery pack added to keep trolley functional for a full time. The versatility of HUB-3A is also reflected by its extendable legs, the width of which can be adjusted to the beater model actually used.

Lift and pour from the barrel with no effort.

Facilitate the work of your staff, and increase performance through one-man operation!!!

  • Easy to move the mobile device with castors,
  • Mechanical raising of the barrel by means of installed drives
  • Power supply directly from the battery, there is no need to keep a permanent connection to power mains (with a changeable battery pack as an option).
  • Easy to operate control panel with buttons for lifting/dropping and tilting
  • Lifting and tilting are 2 separate systems, the barrel can be discharged on each required high also while lifting.
  • The display always shows batteries charge level and informs about the remaining capacity or eventual need to be recharged
  • The fixation system ensures prompt and safe bowl mounting, shortening the minimum time needed for this operation
  • Spontaneous locking of the bowl at brackets whilst being collected from its trolley.