Electric SP deep frying pans with a proofer

Intended for frying doughnuts, cenci, fish and other products prepared in deep oil.

  • Frying pans are manufactured in two versions: with proofer or base. Each version comes in three dimensions: 48, 60 and 80 doughnuts.
  • All machine elements are made of the highest quality 0H18N9 acid-resistant steel.
  • Easy to clean due to its simple design.
  • Perfect insulation ensures only slight heating of the external layer.

No failure of the heating system has been reported for the last 10 years of production.

Low power consumption is an advantage for our fryer users

Wide variety of standard equipment of fryer with base and swing trays:

  • oil bowl
  • removable heating element
  • drip pan/cover
  • oil drain
  • suspended cover
  • proofer with castors
  • 2 baskets for doughnuts
  • 5 swing trays in a proofer