Dosing machine with a screw mechanism.

Depositor for a wide range of products from water to minced meat. Precise dosing with the easy-to-clean mechanism.

The U-MAX Depository Screw Filling Machine with a gun is the perfect solution for large food processors and confectioneries alike. Dosing is based on a screw mechanism widely used in high-end line production technology machines. Dosing products with screw guarantee that portions are very accurate like in fully professional machines used for mass production.

It is suitable for a wide range of filling types such as pralines, jams, confectionery creams, honey, yogurt, creamy butter of vegetable or animal origin, cream cheese masses, whipped cream, and even masses with cut food materials (herbs, nuts, olives…), etc.

Wide range of accessories such as embedding and injection nozzles (single, double, or multiple), spray nozzles, and full lid cake heads.

  • The most versatile machine on the market, it allows precise dosing of a wide range of confectionery and bakery products as well as stuffings/soups with a huge range of viscosity and consistency levels
  • The applied tight screw system doses products with a very high accuracy
  • Adjustment of dispensed quantity is done by setting screw time and rotational speed up to a max of 80 Hz.
  • Does not damage and does not compress the filled products
  • The device is made in a stainless version
  • Mobile depot on wheels
  • The continuous work switch enables continuous feeding of the filling.
  • Feeding is done through a hose and a dispensing gun with replaceable tips
  • Precise quantity control and continuous filling flow
  • Suitable for working with masses containing elements such as nuts, seeds, etc.