Baking tray cleaning machine with trays oiling system CBP-O

2-in-1 machine cleaning and oiling baking trays by only one man.

The professional cleaner for baking and confectionery trays manufactured by MECH-MASZ is perfectly adapted for operation with the most common tray sizes used in the industry including 400 x 600 mm, 580 x 780 mm, 600 x 800 mm, 600 x 1000 mm, and all intermediate versions. Purchase of the cleaner and its regular use guarantee that your trays will be kept properly clean and in good condition. The device may work with both smooth and perforated trays made of different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and black steel. With the programmed number of cycles (passages of a tray between the brushes), max 20, it is possible to set the operating mode of the machine for specific trays and their degree of soiling. The machine can be operated by one person,  and a cleaned tray always returns to the operator.

The oiling system is coating baking trays with a smooth and thin layer of oil, the quantity of oil is fully adjustable and can be adapted for your needs. The oil is sprayed onto the baking trays as they leave the machine, which prevents the machine from getting dirty inside.

The versatility of the tray cleaner is also reflected by the fact that it is possible to use even 4-rim trays with a single rim height of up to 25 mm.  Impurities accumulate underneath the cleaner on a retractable easy-empty shelf. The device is of a fully mobile castor design. It can be effortlessly moved to the designated place when the work is done. The entire structure undergoes shot peening, therefore its surfaces are as smooth and hygienic as possible.

Easy access to the cleaning brushes substantially facilitates care and possible supervision of the same. As many as 16 cleaning brushes, 8 per row, ensure desirable working output. In comparison with other competitive solutions, we use reinforced, additionally seized brushes which extend their lifetime and guarantee the ‘bristles’ are firmly held in place.

The front and rear guides are removable which provides a minimum amount of space required to store the machine if it is not used for a longer period.