Top quality results on the New Salva Modular oven. The Salva Modular oven is well know all over the World. Salva Modular oven comes as a result of years of experience and development by our R&D team. The use of ceramic heating ellements achieves unrivaled baking results. Each oven is made of steam tight decks which due to the modularity of its design can be added at a later stage as business grows.

  • Electric oven for artisans.
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • High regularity and baking quality
  • Independent settings in each chamber
  • Customised baking for each product
  • ECO/ECU intelligent consumption systems
  • Control of ROOF / MOUTH / FLOOR heating elements
  • Programmable motorised draught
  • Numerous models and capacities. Adapts to your needs and grows with your business.

This machine has three main features


Insulation, independent top, frnt and bottom heat control. Eco efficient ECO and self auto on ECU system.


Generated by the use of ceramic heating elements with Ni-Crom coils insrted inside ceramic bricks and its steam unit.


Due to its flip upwards doorthat allow working with any type of setter loader. Wide vision of the baking chamber inside.

Discover the latest STC Smart Touch Control

STC Smart Touch Control opens up more posibilities

The new STC Smart Touch Control offers the best control during the complete baking cycle and makes any baker’s life easier. Also achieves the best baking results.