Robotrad-p+ is a hydraulic moulding press equipped with a food-grade synthetic press plate for artisan bread that benefited from a long pre-proofing time. The Robotrad-p+ is based on the Robocut and Robotrad serie but equipped with a pressure plate instead of a dividing disc.

By using a side grid holder, it is possible to divide the dough without the use of any pressure.

Moulding and forming is achieved by moving dough gently through the interchangeable grid which is available in various long, square, circular and triangle versions.

As the dough comes out in its final shape, it can be transferred straight into the oven.

When the side grid holder is placed in upper position, the Robotrad-p+ has all functionalities of the Robopress dough and butter press. To create uniform, rectangular fat and pastry blocks.
Moulding grids are Teflon coated for easy cleaning and reducing the need for flour during the dividing process. When not in use, the grids can be placed on storage hooks on one or both sides of the machine. Storage hooks are able to hold a maximum of 6 grids.

All Robotrad models have a 43 x 43.5 x 12 cm bowl for up to 20 kg of dough.

Robotrad-p+ Pressing, forming and moulding by moving and holding joy-stick lever up and down.

Robotrad-p+ Automatic Pressing, forming and moulding by a single touch of joy-stick lever; one touch will start automatic work cycle of pressing, forming and moulding. Including auto release of the lid at the end of the cycle, automatic end-switch and cycle time reduction.

  • Pressing, forming and moulding by joy-stick or touch control panel
  • Auto rising of dividing knife for easy cleaning
  • Synthetic food approved press plate and stainless steel top plate
  • Automatic motor and safety switch for extra energy efficiency and operator security
  • Constructed with specially designed hydraulic system for quiet, gentle and smooth moulding and forming
  • High grade stainless steel ring around dough bowl for less flour and extra hygiene
  • Grid support is closed, locked and unlocked in one simple natural movement
  • Lightweight moulding grids are easily removed, exchanged and simply secured
  • Broad range of different teflon coated interchangeable grids with various long, square, circular and triangle moulding forms
  • Grid holder can be placed on left or right side
  • Front handles for protection of control panel and extra movability
  • Equipped with swivel wheels and brake

Power 1.6kW, 3-phase, net weight 370 kg
WxDxH 82 x 66 x 108 cm